My Travels

This page will be dedicated to a photo excursion of my travels in my job.  I travel throughout China and SE Asia looking for Activated Carbon.  During my trip, I take along my trusty Canon 5D and try to get some “personal” time to take some shots that I can post for your enjoyment (I hope).  Welcome and please comment!!!




  1. Hi Bill! Welcome to the Virtual Photowalk. I am really looking forward to ‘travelling’ with you this year….

    • Thanks Julie! I hope you will “travel” through my galaxy of photos and give me some feedback on how I’m doing in setting up this site. I’ll let you know when I am half way done and look for your input.

      Thanks again!

  2. Bill – I’m really looking forward to traveling thru your blog! I can’t wait to see some of the area’s that we’ve have not made it to you!

    • I’ll have at least two weekends to PHOTOBLOG and hoping for more time during the week. I do have to work a bit during the trip… 😎

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