About Me

My name is Bill Belajac and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I am an avid amateur photographer and I have a job that requires me to travel quite a bit to China and SE Asia. So, I get to take many pictures of breath-taking views, strange circumstances, and generally “stuff” you don’t get to see in main-town USA.  I hope to share with everyone and I hope you enjoy!!!



  1. Welcome to the ‘B’ group….not to be confused with ‘B’ movies or less in quality grade than ‘A’. Whatever we do, we do well!!

    Okay, I’ll admit to using ! and … in my posts. You will be introduced to my sister Iona who is a very fine writer who upstages me and uses emoticons with freedom…..

    I will be overawed with your travel photos….

  2. Bill! Of course, my sister tends to be effusive when she speaks of family. 😀 Yes, I do use emoticons a lot. How else would one know the intent of the written word? We have several (and I do mean several) family members who are hooked on photography. Unfortunately, only Esther and I are here on this Virtual Photowalk.

    Esther and I are both getting up in age. She has equipment to take better photos than I do. I’m a user of a cheaper point and shoot camera . . . which leaves me as a wanna be photographer. Add that to the list of wanna be writer. 😀

    Am looking forward to photos of your world travels! I envy you in your broad exposure to different societies and places. See you ’round.

  3. Keep it up, I love those pictures! Who knew you would be so great at this..

  4. very nice post, I certainly love this website, keep up the good work.

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