Theme #21 – Playful

He kept pushing the turtle with his nose.  I’m sure the turtle didn’t think he was too playful…




  1. Poor turtle! Great job capturing all the detail – you can practically feel the feathers.

  2. I can see why he is not playing….it is those little red eyes staring at him. I clicked to enlarge this image and enjoyed seeing the feathers so clearly in focus. Even a few drops of water beaded up on them. What a fun image…..

  3. Yes, those eyes on the bird look sinister. But with pink feet it lessens his demeanor a tad.

  4. This is way too fun…that would be funny if this was a snapping turtle lol …no, not really! I love how you captured the duck’s curiosity!!!

  5. I’m so amazed at how close you can get to the bird without it flying off – even with a zoom. Great shot – right place, right time.

  6. Great detail in this playful shot. The feathers look so real.

  7. that’s just to funny. opposites really do attract.

  8. This bird is so vividly colored…Mother Nature added such a nice touch with the feet and bill in such contrasting hues. Neat “action” shot.

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