Theme #13 – Bloom

A Dale Chihuly glass sculpture and of course a history lesson.

Born in 1941 in Tacoma, Washington, Dale Chihuly was introduced to glass while studying interior design at the University of Washington. After graduating in 1965, Chihuly enrolled in the first glass program in the country, at the University of Wisconsin. He continued his studies at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he later established the glass program and taught for over a decade.

In 1968, Chihuly was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to work at the Venini factory in Venice, Italy. While in Venice, Chihuly observed the team approach to blowing glass, which is critical to the way he works today. In 1971, Chihuly cofounded Pilchuck Glass School in Washington. With this international glass center, Chihuly has led the avant-garde in the development of glass as a fine art.

In 1999, Chihuly mounted his most challenging exhibition, Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem; more than one million visitors attended the Tower of David Museum to view his installations. In 2001, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London curated the exhibition Chihuly at the V&A. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, was dedicated in 2002. Chihuly’s lifelong affinity for glasshouses has grown into a series of exhibitions within botanical settings. His garden exhibition was first presented in 2001 at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. In 2005, Chihuly exhibited at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, near London, and at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida in both 2006 and 2007. His most ambitious exhibition to date opened at the de Young Museum in San Francisco in June, 2008.




  1. Beautiful colors! I was fortunate enough to go to Murano (island off of Venice) to see glass-blowing in action. It was really amazing.

  2. lovely sculptures in both shapes and color. would be interesting with something in the photo to give an idea on the size of the flowers. Always nivce with a background story, thanks for telling!

  3. I love Chihuly…I have not seen anything like these sculptures before….beautiful and bright!

  4. Wow so beautiful, really need to go where I can see all these beauties.

  5. Just beautiful. Thanks for the story along with this image.

  6. We have loads of glass blowers in this area, and they all try to imitate Chihuly — but only 1 of them even gets close. Thanks for the great photo of the real deal!

  7. I’m not sure that I have anything in common with talented people like that!, So colourful!

  8. Love flora of all kinds and definitely these beautiful glass ones! Yes, and how large were these?? enjoyed your info

    • It looked like they were about 2 foot in diameter (pretty big)

  9. I am from Indiana, and have taken my children to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum a few times. There is an amazing permanant glass sculpture of Chihuly’s there, called Fireworks of Glass. It towers through the entire center of the building. It’s beautiful! There is also an area where the kids can play with some of his work. Great exhibit!

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