Theme #6 – Something about me

I’m not going to count this in my 365 photos for 2011 since I obviously didn’t take it and it’s from 1962, but it fits the theme. This is me on the far right and what am I holding???  My first of many cameras!  A Kodak Brownie.  The others are aunts, mother and brother.



  1. I would make that count….this is just wonderful…I love old pictures and the memories they share! You were even a camera buff back then?

    • Yep, I bought my first SLR in 1968 (Pentax). We have come a LONG way since then!

  2. Half a century of photography what a memory and the whole group Fashion statements of the day!

  3. Vintage photos are so great! I love studying the background for all those little artifacts that one has forgotten about. Everyone was sure dressed to the nines in this shot.

  4. Please use this as one of your photos for the 365 challenge. There is nothing I like better than scanning and restoring old photos. These vintage images are so interesting.

  5. I think it counts! My first camera was also a Kodak Brownie. Loved that little camera.

    • My next camera was a wooden box with a tiny lens on the fron with a manual sliding shutter. You’d leave it open for a few seconds, then close and wind the film a couple inches and take the next shot. Then I’d send the whole thing back to Kodak for processing. I wish I had that now…

  6. I have some photos like that. Back in those days, we really dressed up for special occasions. I think the photo for the theme gives us a little background for you and how far you have come.

  7. I think old photos are some of the best…it is why we do this after all. I want my kids to have these photos and memories!

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