Theme #5 of 365 – Winter

One of about 15 covered bridges in Western PA.  This one is in Mingo PA

Ebenezer Bridge is one of the most popular covered bridges in Washington County today.  The bridge orginally crossed the south fork of Maple Creek near Ginger Hill.  It was moved to Mingo Creek Park in 1977 and placed on the abutments of an earlier bridge. Alterations had to be made to the structure.  The 15′ by 32; Queenpost bridge has no known date of construction. The Ebenezer is covered with vertical board sides and portals, has a sheet metal roof and deck of crosswise planking, and has two windows on each side. The deck is reinforced with five “I” beams.  Part of the popularity of the Ebenezer Bridge is its location in the Mingo Creek County Park and its participation in the yearly Covered Bridge Festival held the third weekend in September.



  1. What colors, beautiful scenery.

  2. The white snow really shows off the red bridge!

  3. I love this. We don’t have such unique bridges in the West.

  4. Classy looking structure. You couldn’t have picked a better subject or day to epitomize winter.

  5. This bridge what one pictures in the mind of when the subject of covered bridges comes up. As far as covered bridges in the west, there is one not far from us in Knight’s Ferry, Oakdale, California. It is California’s longest covered bridge. The color, however, isn’t an eye-opener….

  6. I love the way the covered bridge really stands out in that picture. That’s a really great image. It shows the way snow makes a big impact on the world around it.

  7. Terrific. I like the angle you shot from — framing the bridge with the bare tree trunks.

  8. Silly software says I’ve already said this … but I don’t think I have? Terrific. I like the angle you shot from — framing the bridge with the bare tree trunks.

  9. Love the contrast between that candy apple red and the snow! A wonderful picture!

  10. Very beautiful bridge photo. Is this the same bridge as in your header? Really brightens up the winter landscape.

    • Yes, it is the same bridge as in my header (taken about three months apart)

  11. Nice perspective and brilliant color on this image. The contrast of red on white is perfect

  12. Just beautiful! There is nothing like this in south Florida!

  13. Wonderful composition and processing on this. That red really pops! By the way, I love covered bridges!

  14. That warm red against the cold white snow and pale winter sky is a great contrast that makes the photo shine.

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