Theme #3 of 365 – Interaction

Today’s history lesson – Guyasuta is perched on a rock with the peace pipe side of his tomahawk turned upward. His expression is unsettled, asking for explanation. George Washington, his hand squeezed but not too tightly, also looks perturbed. Their noses are less than a foot apart. The space between them is charged, but their respect for each other is the compelling nuance. It allowed two men who represented peoples contesting rights to the same land to sit for hours in discussion and agree to part as friends.

The Indians wanted to continue trading. They depended on it.  And so they discussed the fate of the region and future trading, but George was the great self-censor. He didn’t record details of the meeting in his diary, except to say they agreed to part as friends.  The weighty issues between them were, of course, resolved by the cascade of settlement that ignored the 1763 proclamation.



  1. A great image and lesson , thank you…

  2. Great perspective. I enjoyed the history lesson.

  3. I love how the city that neither would’ve been able to imagine is in the background. Very symbolic and ironic.

  4. We HAVE to INTERACT with the WHOLE Environment.

  5. Excellent especially against that skyline.

  6. Love this perspective…the city behind the decision of what to do with the land….very cool and very powerful!

  7. Love this. Such a great perspective on interaction. Can’t wait to follow more of your work.

  8. Great capture with the sun and shadow. Thanks also for the history lesson.

  9. Great view and history lesson. Thanks!!

  10. Thanks for the history lesson – and the statue is even more effective against the backdrop of the cityscape.

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