Theme #2 of 365 – Abstract

Here is my take on “abstract”.  I found this is the Phipps yesterday.  Let me know what you think…



  1. Mysterious men in the wood…….
    Great for the theme

  2. How funky is that? What a cool find…I love it!

  3. A very interesting find and take on abstract..well dine

  4. I think that is great! I’m all for the unusual.

  5. Love the “stick” figures…very cool! Wouldn’t mind having a few for my garden!

  6. You are clever Bill, when I draw stick figures, People say “What’s That???”

  7. Cool, they are also on display in Richmond, VA at the Lewis Ginter Botannical Gardens. They are so much fun as they are placed all over the place. I love taking pictures of them.

    Here is the link for Hans Godo Frabel’s work:

  8. What a great find.

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