Theme #1 of 365 – Prickly

This cactus was taken today at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh (my home town).  This will be 1 of at least 365, I hope!

ISO 400, F4.5, 1/25, 105mm



  1. Happy New Year!! Very nice macro shot with lots of detail.

  2. If you didn’t say what that was I would not have guessed…..excellent image

  3. Prickly–and also abstract! It looks like a row of stick figures doing calisthenics. Or a wind farm. It’s one of those pictures that seems to change dimensions as one looks at it.

  4. Great lines and repetition, ouch!

  5. Happy New Year! Wonderful capture with detail and perspective.

  6. Love the way you have composed your subject and cropped the shot. It really showcases the rows of needles.

  7. That image reminds me of Tammy when the wine runs out, a man could get hurt.

  8. Spine-tingling. How big was the cactus?

    • This section was about 1ft x 1.5 ft. The whole plant was about 4th tall.

  9. great closeup of the repetative patterns on the cactus

  10. What an interesting shot. Really like how you composed the shot.

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