Open Invitation

Dear all – at last count there are over 50 photographers (and counting) participating in this years 365 Photoshoot.  I am from Pittsburgh PA and would like to invite any of you other 50 to come visit my city and let me take you on a photographic tour of our majestic views.  If you are going to be in Pittsburgh any time this year, please email me at and hopefully we can do a day’s shoot together and let me be your tour guide.

Take great pictures this year!!!




  1. That’s such a nice invitation!! No plans to come that way but I definitely will remember your invite if I do.

  2. I will definitely take you up on it if I get your way! THANKS!!

  3. Thanks for such a nice invitation. The same goes for you or any one else coming towards or through Virginia.

  4. That would sure be fun! We don’t ever seem to get too far from the farm for very long. Too many mouths to feed! I would love to see your part of the country in the autumn for a foliage tour especially!

  5. Next time I’m in the U.S. of A.. Thanks.

  6. Sounds grand and if you ever get out my way, holler.

  7. Thanks, Bill, for the nice invitation! If I ever do visit Pittsburgh, I’ll send you mail.

  8. what a generous invitation and I would love to attend but…… it’s a bit to far away

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