Theme – Solitary

This was within a crowd of 100,000 people and she was standing alone and looked lonely.



  1. This is so powerful Bill. It screams “Nothing worse than Silitude in a crowd” so un fair.

  2. She looks like she is enjoying her alone time…very contemplatent

  3. Her eyes look sad – and you’ve accentuated her solitary state by isolating her from her surroundings.

  4. The shallow depth of field accentuates the lonely look. Super!

  5. Did she know you were there? Your take on this is spot on…

  6. Captures the theme Solitary. I guess I would have liked some additional context to define the image. If you hadn’t told us there were thousands of people around, it would have simply been a an image of a solitary person. I hope you understand what I mean. That said it is a very compelling photo.

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