Low Light Shots

A tripod is essential…



  1. Great image. I agree tripod a must!

  2. This is an amazing image…I love the star filter on this as well! Wow, really breathtaking!

    • No filter on this one

  3. Great Detail! Especially the Pylon brickwork! Has to be enlarged! for full appreciation.

  4. Bill this is beautiful. I do agree about using a tripod, no hand holding for this one! I agree with Tammy in that I would have thought you had a star filter — again beautiful work. I look forward to being in the same group with you this time around.

    • Thank you Sheila! The star effect is from the long exposure. Any bright light will create that effect (I found it by accident!)

  5. Lovely! I can see I’ll learn a lot from your shots as we work through the next two months in the same blogging group. Welcome to Group A – Awesome!!

    • Thank you, Val

  6. Stunning! IThe star effect is gorgeous, as are the reflections. INcredible work!

  7. Bill,

    Wow! This an amazing shot. Great composition, the diagonal gives a sense of movement and, especially in the buildings, a sense of grandiosity. The reflections, as mentioned, rock! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy your work!

    Lori Hamilton

  8. This is spectacular!

  9. This is beautiful. I just love night photography, one of my favourite things to do. The reflection is fantastic.

  10. What an amazing shot! This would be great to frame. And yes, a tripod is a must to catch this image.

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