Theme – Violet

Search high and low for this one



  1. Listen Bill, just a warning, I posted that colour as violet last year and got an avalanche of criticism that it was Purple. It will nost likely be alright though, they like tou! LOL

    • This is DEFINITELY violet and to cover myself, just in case some people believe it is purple, VIOLET lives there!!! So there!

  2. I just love it!

  3. I would think you could see this one from miles away LOL After seeing the house, I would love to catch a glimpse of Violet LOL I am sure the owners will have as much personality as this home!

  4. I hope you can go back and get the ‘portrait’ theme of Violet!

  5. Even though it is a lovely house, I think that paint would give me nightmares. Love the capture and the tree out front too.

  6. well done in your search efforts! I can’t believe it, but it looks to be true! 🙂

  7. Well, they must be happy people who live here. Wonder if their personalities are are big as this colour is loud 😉

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