Theme – BLUE

This is the door of the palace of the Thailand King.  We were not allowed to enter, so I’m not sure what the BLUE reflection in the door would be, but it certainly caught my eye.



  1. Now that door would be hard to stay away from…all of the intricate details and that gold would have me very intrigued….so very cool!

  2. All the intricacies wrought in the building and the door with the gold overlay, plus the blue “spot light” makes this shot really pop. I would have liked to have seen a bit more to include the lamp post and its bright gold too. Everything looks brand new, bright and polished. Does not look like time has eroded anything. Do they get out and ‘spit polish’ this every day?? Even the steps look clean enough to eat from. Nice capture.

  3. Now thats a door. I love the blue tone behind the gate. Nice capture.

  4. the doorway looks so inviting. just makes you want to see what other colors are inside.

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