Some of the local Birds in Singapore and Indonesia…



  1. These are beautiful brids. How bright and colorful. Your trip must be amazing.

  2. Burung Kakatua, yang di atas it sangat nakal, tetapi, yang jedua di bawanya, jauh lebih cantik, sama sekali.
    Just thought they would appreciate the comment in Thier native tongue.

  3. Beautiful, colorful, bright, and . . . . trained? They appear to be someone’s pets.

    Okay, now what kind of birds are they? I could take a stab at naming them, but might be wrong. The bright colorful ones are Macaws, I’m certain. But don’t know if the first photo is a parrot, and if so, what kind. I have no idea what the third one is.

  4. What fabulous color on these beauties! I’m not sure I have ever seen the last bird…what an interesting shape – but so brilliant! I hope you are enjoying your trip…I’m looking forward to more pictures!

  5. WOW…imagine seeing these in the wild!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful birds. Your images show off their gorgeous colors and uniqueness.

  7. Beautiful, colorful birds!! Your shots really show off their colors and beauty.

  8. These are great and I too would like to know what that amazing red one on the bottom is. Did you see my brother and sister-in-law in Sing? He looks a lot like me 🙂

  9. i love vibrant colors and those birds certainly are vibrant.

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