Friday Photowalk Tip

So, when ever I take someone from out of town to see our city (Pittsburgh) they are amazed at the view from Mt Washington.  But, inevitably, when we are driving through the Strip District, EVERYONE comments on the little donut shop on the corner… And they have to take this picture



  1. You gave me my laugh for the day…how funny (and you have to give them credit…how unique)! If the saying doesn’t catch their attention those colors will pull ’em in! FUN!!!

  2. Love that sign! And yes, that pretty much sums it up. Can’t think what else we would need for utopia, or maybe just a great weekend. 🙂

  3. There is something about a donut shop that grabs me….but I have to get there early while they are still warm. This is a great tourist stopper for sure!

  4. It appears from the brickwork the sign is showcased at this spot. Love the brickwork, the bright colors, and of course, the obvious! Donuts (and all the sugar in them) after two or three of them, can cause a person to become euphoric. And for the chocoholics, the condition is arrived at a little sooner as long as the donut is drenched in chocolate!! So, why not peace and love? And while you are at it, have another donut!! 😀

  5. Bill, that’s a great sign. My daughter went to a softball tournament in Colorado in 2008. They had a great time and enjoyed dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack whose logo is “peace, love, and crabs”….

  6. How very fun! Some cofffe and you’re good to go.

  7. At first I thought you had another tattoo done. LOL Great image Bill

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