Friday Assignment – Landscape vs Portrait

I kinda like both – each give a different perspective… Let me know what you think.



  1. Different cloud shapes make this interesting as the portrait shot is what one would expect but then you would loose those wonderful clouds in the landscape if it was cropped to landscape. What you pick up on the swings you loose on the roundabout.

  2. I think the portrait version is a more powerful image…whereas the landscape image really gives you a sense of the gorgeous sky and the surroundings….not sure what my favorite is…if I had to pick I would probably go with the portrait mode – it just shows off the structure more.

  3. I vote for portrait. That spot of sunshine on the arch highlights it well.

  4. I lvoe both of them! But then, I adore Paris. I actually like the landscape one better because it puts the size of Eiffel Tower in perspective against the rest of the city with its low builidngs.

  5. They are both beautiful. But I liked the landscape one better. As KarenB said, it gives much better perspective. Having never been to Paris, I had a better sense of it’s size and prominence in the city.

  6. Do I smell some HDR? I like both images, but I admit to enjoying the portrait better simply because the tower is larger and therefore we can see it better. However, I think each composition has its strengths.

  7. I echo the comment KarenB made about the landscape orientation emphasizing the vastness of the structure. There’s my vote!

  8. Both images have strengths. I can’t make up my mind to prefer one over the other.

  9. I’ll just not vote, it really depends on what you want to say. Both are beautiful

  10. I initial thought was Eiffel Tower, hmmm has to be done in portrait, but after looking I like the landscape better. It gives a better sense of scale.

  11. Hi Bill,
    I really like the landscape one best. It shows the whole picture with everything in it. There all those beautiful clouds there. Have a great day!


  12. With the subject matter you cant go wrong. Both images work for me. If I had to pick, it would the lower one as it gives more perspective of how large the darn thing is.

  13. Just a reminder….drop by this link
    to let us know if you want to be in a discussion group for March/April or if you would like to opt out and just post pics. Thanks! 🙂

  14. I don’t think you can take a bad picture of the Eiffel Tower. I like them both. I love how the light seems to wrap around the base of the portrait photo, but the landscape photo really has beautiful clouds and really shows off the majesty and size.

  15. My initial reaction is with the portrait… but maybe it is because it is what I expect. When I looked at each enlarged, I decided that the exercise is a success because I love the landscape photo. It has so much more detail, far more interesting.

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