Theme – Geometric (a whole bunch of angles)

This is a beach in Sri Lanka, straight out of the camera, no enhancements… I probably should have “brightened” it up a bit, but this is being sent from work and I have no PS here…



  1. Wow you work on a beach in Sri Langja, how cool is that ! Don’t forget the Arc of the Prow and runner connections, love the look.

  2. I would say you have every kind of angle possible in this! That is really quite the image…I like the shadows in the foreground leading to the bright light of the beach…and that boat is perfect w/ all those clean lines and shapes! Next time will you take me to Sri Lanka??

    • Yes, Tammy – I’m leaving Feb 28th for 3 weeks in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Sri Lanka…

  3. Bill! I like this as-is. Like the balance of the boat with the greenery anchoring (hehe) it to the foreground with that tiny slice of ocean set so far away and huge expanse of sky. I like the colors, symmetry, along with the bits and pieces of this and that which have been put together to make a functional (I hope) boat. Cannot imagine why the boat is so far from the water unless the tide comes in a long way. Nice find and shot.

    What is that little Tipee? wood stacked for a fire that night?

    • The fishing boat belongs to the hotel I was staying at. They will push the boat to the ocean every morning (4am), fish until 8am, and that’s what the hotel will cook for us that evening.

      You’re exactly right – this is wood stacked for an evening fire on the beach.

  4. It looks great out of the camera, no improvements needed. In the world of digital enhancements naturals are refreshing. Great job.

  5. Great fun to look at the photo enlarged… so much detail and a lot of different colors as well as angles.

  6. Gorgeous shot striaght out of the camera! The colors are intense and the composition is perfect.

  7. Hi!
    That’s a beautiful shot! Love it the way it is. Great shapes and colors. Have a great day!


  8. Beautiful sky – what a lovely place. I think the shot is well framed, although I would have preferred to see the whole boat.

  9. How very beautiful! i’d like to see all of the boat too, such amazing lines to it.

  10. Nice shot, I might of toned down the yellows a bit, but can definitely appreciate the right out of the camera effort.

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