Theme – What is this

What is this?  No adjustments made other than cropping.



  1. Is it a shot of a Snow encrusted windshield on a car, from inside looking out. I don’t know as I have never had a car in that type of weather, just a guess.

  2. Hmmmmm……good question! Soap on a windshield in a carwash (now that is a long shot)! I’m dying to hear this one! I am loving the colors and all the “swirlies” in this!

  3. Nope and nope… I’ll give it a little more time.

  4. Bill! Inside of a blown glass dish. Lovely colors. Great shot!

    • Iona – Nope…

      • Bill! Abalone shell interior.

  5. Food color in milk.

  6. My guess is a reflection in something, a birdbath? It seems there is a building in this reflection and I think a person, is that you Bill?

  7. Good one! I’d say water was involved, but it’s probably a car instead!!

  8. Some sort of glass vase or bowl?

  9. Many of you are SOOO close…It is the view from my basement “glass block window” to my backyard (evergreen tree and snow).

  10. Bill! Good one on us!! 😀

  11. Very imaginative! I never would have guessed.

  12. Abstract artwork. It seems to be water, in cloce up.

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