Friday Photowalk Tip

So, when ever I take someone from out of town to see our city (Pittsburgh) they are amazed at the view from Mt Washington.  But, inevitably, when we are driving through the Strip District, EVERYONE comments on the little donut shop on the corner… And they have to take this picture


Assignment – Self Portrait…

This is me…My only tattoo – and that’s ALL you get to see!  I do much better with photos NOT of me.

Theme – Big and Small

This was shot literally in the heart of nowhere.  I’m not sure how old it is.  I should have picked it up and taken it home!  I was off the path, in the middle of Sri Lanka where it’s quite possible no one has trecked in thousands of years…

Friday Assignment – Landscape vs Portrait

I kinda like both – each give a different perspective… Let me know what you think.

Theme – Geometric (a whole bunch of angles)

This is a beach in Sri Lanka, straight out of the camera, no enhancements… I probably should have “brightened” it up a bit, but this is being sent from work and I have no PS here…

Theme – What is this

What is this?  No adjustments made other than cropping.