Daily PIC

Northern California Coast



  1. Ah, I see the light, saod the blind man!

  2. Wow, what a view to have! Wish I were sitting there right about NOW! Beautiful composition….beautiful colors…..beautiful everything! Love the way that lighthouse looks over the ocean (and that flying bird)!

  3. Bill! Magnificent! I’ve traveled hwy #101, and can attest to the lovely scenes along the ocean. This is outstanding. Love the hills shrouded in the misty veil. The way the ocean looks calm, but obviously isn’t with the surf against the shoreline. The bird appears to be flying with the wind (were you able to identify the bird?).

    The lighthouse is quite quaint. Love how it is set up against the hill. The vegetation is lovely as well. The depth of field is great, as is the color, contrasts, and composition. All in all, a nice site where you could meditate or contemplate how the hand of God works within our space here on earth. Good job.

  4. Beautiful image, Bill. Do you recall the name/location of this lighthouse?

    • Yes, it is in Humbolt County near Eureka California – Trinidad Lighthouse.

  5. Hi Bill,
    Beautiful shot of your coastline! Looks lots warmer there than here. Have a great day!


  6. Beautiful

  7. Nice image Bill,

    We had pulled in at Trinidad many a time for a rest stop and did not know there was a lighthouse till last year. Is this one the memorial light?? I believe there is another one on the point.???

  8. This image is a testamony to your professionalism with a camera. Just makes me speechless….

  9. The C-curve here is lovely, just draws your eye through the frame beautifully.

  10. Thanks to all

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