My Daily Pic

Just wanted to post something that you may enjoy…



  1. Bill! Terrific photo! Wonderful DOF, fog, colors, composition. A blend of all the things needed for a perfect photo. 😀 Really like it.

  2. We always enjoy seeing the Red Bridge from the river rat’s perspective, was it a good party and did the hangover take long to subside, the top of the bridge seems like it’s in a Wild Turkey haze to me! LOL

    • The party was great! No hangover, just a bag of munchies and I was fine…

  3. Wow, wow, wow! I more than enjoy this! What an incredible perspective and that fog is just an added bonus! Spectacular!!!!

    • Wow, wow, wow! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s what I live for! 😎

  4. This is a very unusual view of a well known subject. The fog adn teh quirky perspecitve set it apart.

  5. I took shots from this very vantage point this summer but none so pretty as this. Well done!

  6. Very pretty. Like the way the fog almost frames the bridge. And, the yellow flowers in the foreground seem to give a balance to the rest of the photo.

  7. Very nice, I flew all the way there and got nothing but fog. Never saw the whole thing, even though I went over it, under it and around it. Nothing but fog. Love the perspective, guess I just need to go back and try again.

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