Theme – CHAOS??

I had to snap this one when I stumbled across it…



  1. What a great splash of colour in your B&W World.

  2. Now this is a original find…love the hints of rust on the coffee pot and how it blends w/ the surrounding plants….now that is contrast if I ever saw it…a coffee pot in the snow! 🙂

  3. Cool picture, love all the textures.

  4. Well, when I enlarge this photo, it changed from an underneath angle of a small coffeepot to a large art object. You need to tell us more about this ‘find’ you stumbled across.

  5. Not sure I would call it chaos, but great shot & very interesting. Really like those red plants in the foreground. Now that coffeepot is just the right size for making my morning coffee too. lol. I wonder who put it there and why.

  6. Bill! What a stunner! Love the contrasts, colors and your composition. However, I think I would have cropped some off the right side (to about middle way of the storage shed) so the watering can was not squarely front and center. Think that would still leave the “pow” in the photo, but would have given it a different prospective. Further, when posting, why don’t you give some thought to leaving your photos at about 800 pixels instead of being so small?

    Then tell me how you got the larger photo of your barn moved up as your banner to the top of the page? My wordpress blog would not accept a larger photo. My banner photo of Mt. Rainier at the top of my old blog page is what I would like to have for my banner here at wordpress instead of what I now have. Go to my old blog to see it, if you don’t mind. (See below.) Please write to me at pilgrim0391 at if you would.

    The tale about my old blog banner photo is on the right hand column.

  7. I love metal works of art like this! Looks especially cool with the snow. I like the buildings in back and the tall grass to give perspective. Nice!

  8. What out Starbucks, this could be the next “Iced Coffee Craze” This is a switch, a winter scene with plenty of color. Great job Bill. It would be Chaos if you were to stick your tongue on the coffe pot.

  9. I luv it!! The colors are awesome…… a great find!!

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