Just before a storm – Dawn



  1. This is just spectacular, Bill! The evening lights combined with that dramatic and colorful sky are the perfect ingredients to a winning image! Wow, I am in awe! Really Beautiful!

  2. Bill! Stunning photo! Love the sky over the early morning lights of the city. Of course, the reflections in that muddy water can’t be beat! Great shot, colors, composition, contrasts and lighting.

  3. That is awesome, Bill! What city are we looking at? I see layers of different lighting with the clouds, the city lights and the reflections on the water; lines drawing the eye to the water reflections; and amazing variations in striking colors.

  4. WOW curves, lines, lights, color, sunset, amazing shot. I am in awe.

  5. Thanks for all your comments. BTW, this is PITTSBURGH PA, the prettiest city in the world…

  6. That’s amazing! What was your vantage point for this shot?

    • There are several vantage points for great shots of Pittsburgh. Mt Washington, West End, North Side of Pgh. This one happened to be the West End Overlook (about 3 miles from my house).

  7. Awesome shot, Bill! I love the colors and the way the lights show up. Welcome to the Beautifully Bodacious group!

  8. Glad to find out it was Pittsburgh PA, and to me it looks like HDR, but who knows! The real warning should be for the “HANGOVERS” if Pittsburgh parties that hard that they need all those lights on at Dawn – Early evening must be blinding! LOL Top Landscape.

    • Not HDR, although I do take alot of HDR photos. I doubt if they are party lights. Mark Twain once said, “when the world ends, I want to be in Pittsburgh, because they are always 20 years behind the times.” Most likely people getting up early for work. Now you got me second guessing myself on the time. I just checked the data file for this photo and it was taken at 6:45am on Oct 5th.

  9. Fantastic Bill. What great colors!!

  10. What a beautiful shot. The colors are spectacular. It is just gorgeous!

  11. Wow, love the way this came out. The sky is pretty and the lights are nice, but I really like the reflections in the water.

  12. Very nice done. The colors really pop out without looking over done.

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