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Three Boats in India

Taken at the Grand Palace of the King of Siam



  1. Man, you do get around! This image has to be enlarged to totally appreciate all the rich jeweled colors and all that gold! The intricate details in this are amazing!

  2. Bill! This photo must be enlarged to appreciate! Wonderful shot. Grand colors. Love the intricate work on the wall. Wonder if it is rock or masonry? Those figures are so interesting. Do you have any idea what they represent? I placed my hands like they have theirs and realized that it would be impossible to hold anything up in that position!! 😀 Not to mention growing very tired after the first 100 years or so! lol Love the colors, contrasts and composition. Good work!

  3. Great colour detail and composition on both shots.

  4. Great trios on both, Colors are wonderful.

  5. Great images!! Love the fact that the boats are different colors, and what bold colors they are!!

  6. Bill! Was I so blind that I missed out on seeing the boats in the original posting, or did you add them later? The photo must be enlarged to appreciate it! I didn’t get the sense of size of these boats until the photo was enlarged. Also, noted that the building to the left is under construction. Can’t help but ask: Is that garbage in the water, or seaweed?

    Great color and capture of a bit of life in this country. Nice shot.

    • Not blind…I added this yesterday.

      That is seaweed but I wouldn’t doubt if there was some garbage mixed in.

  7. Those statues at the Grand Palace in Siam are marvelous. So rich in color and pattern and they really stand out against the gold background.

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