Theme – Meditative

Second thoughts? Β Too late!



  1. Hi Bill,
    Great shot for the theme. She does look like she’s thinking about something. Have a great day!


  2. Bill! This is a “Mama, please. May I?” moment if I ever saw one! lol Wonderful candid photo. Great colors, contrast and lighting. Fits the theme perfectly.

  3. LOL, I bet the Groom hates to see this picture!

  4. Looks like once of those hmmm moments. Great job on catching the expressions.

  5. I `m hoping that the groom is not late, LOL What emotion you captured here Bill. Just fantastic!

    • The groom is my son and he better not be late! I actually submitted this for the MEDITATIVE theme because of the little boy’s expression. It looks like he is sad to lose his BFF.

  6. Sweet moment captured between brother and sister!? He does look sad-eyed.

  7. Bill! Okay. I’m confused. I made a comment on this post earlier, then today, come to your site and you have added this beautiful shot. I’m going to whine, if you don’t mind. I have too much to do than to have to return to comment on the same post twice. No fair posting another photo once you already have a post “set in concrete!” πŸ˜€

    If you wish to post the second photo, do it in a separate post, please, if you don’t mind – unless, by chance, it is somehow related to the first photo. This one certainly is not. So there.

    • Related only by THEME… Ok, Ok, I get it…One post, one photo. Please forgive me. 😎

      • Bill! There is nothing to actually forgive. Unless you forgive me for my rant!!! πŸ˜€

        I’ve made posts that have had three or more photos in the same post. That is acceptable if it is done all at once at the same time. This additional photo could have merited its own theme.

        Love what looks like gold leaf on this shot. Lovely, lovely. Great colors.

  8. My sarcasm got the better of me, Iona… Believe me, nothing you say will offend me. I take it all in with a great big SMILE.

    • Bill! Thanks! I’m not offended at anything you said. But should have worded my comment to you a bit different – sorry. I find there isn’t time to be offended, hold a grudge or be mad at anyone about anything. I don’t have the energy for it. πŸ˜€ It isn’t worth it. Friends on this road we travel, eh?

  9. I love both expressions on the top shot, a fine candid.

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