Theme – EDIBLE

Not sure if this fits the Theme – but it is an interesting photo that I wanted to share.  The coconut meat and the coconut milk is to DIE for…



  1. This definitely fits the theme – I have never seen coconuts displayed like they are on this cart…very cool! Now I wish I were somewhere warm enjoying these coconuts! 🙂

  2. I dont know much of coconuts, but I like seeing them in this more natural state.

  3. Never had the pleasure to indulge in coconuts in this form, but sure would like to sample some. Edible it is.

  4. I’m fascinated by the color of the coconuts – I always thought they were brown. It’s a neat shot, though I would like to see more of what’s down the road from the cart…

  5. Those coconuts are inviting. I like that you caught the vendor and her customer, too – and that we have a glimpse down the road.

  6. Bill! Great capture. Love the candid glimpse into everyday life in another culture. As others have voiced, I’d like to see what is behind the stand.

    Your colors are bright and really catch the eye.

    Again, for the uninitiated, the brown coconut is inside this outer shell. And . . ingest too much coconut milk and you’ll feel like you are going to die!! lol

    • You are correct, Iona. The “husk” covers and protects the shell and coconut meat. In my job, we make activated carbon from the coconut shell and it’s place in water filters to purify your water!

  7. Nice street scene, I’d like to see more of what’s around too. So activated charcoal is from coconut husks? What an very versatile plant!

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