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One of my favorite pictures of my “honey” – I added a silk screen texture and gave it a little blur to soften it up a bit…



  1. What a beautiful “honey” you have! I love the natural lighting you captured, and also your processing gives it a almost romantic feel….beautiful!

    • Thank you, Tammy! She is beautiful, isn’t she. This picture is 30+ years old. For a more recent shot, using the ORTON effect, look under my Orton Effect Page (linked on the left)

      • Once a beauty, always a beauty…your orton effect works wonderfully on your daughter!

  2. What a pretty effect. I especially like the texture the silk screen gives.

  3. Nice texture and softness added to this image.

  4. Bill! This is marvelous! Love the lighting and focus. Post-processing is wonderful. I would have cropped a tad bit more off the brick wall so the subject’s face isn’t quite so centered.

    Love the colors, contrasts and lighting.

  5. The light is lovely as is the subject. I like the feel the texture gave a lot. Your sizing still seems like overkill but my connection is not very fast.

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