Theme – ARC My Friday Theme Excursion

This could be TRIO also, there are three prominent ARCs in this photo.  This is the Clemente Bridge  in Pittsburgh PA.

Explore a theme to the fullest extent – head out with just one theme in mind and see how many interesting and creative photos you can find to fit that them.  Well here I go:



  1. This is outstanding…the lighting is incredible (love those star filters)! Great processing, the black and white lends itself nicely to the lighting and those incredible reflections! Hope this is in a frame somewhere! 🙂

    • Actually, no filters used on this one. The “stars developed naturally… Framed on my office wall.


      • How do you do the stars??

      • This was a long exposure (10 – 15 secs). Any time the shutter is open that long, the bright light will form this “star” configuration. Try it! You’ll like it!

    • You taught me something new, can hardly wait to get rid of all this cold and fog so I can get out and PLAY!!

  2. Gorgeous nightscape, Bill! And great choice for black and white too. I have got to get out and try some night photography.

  3. Beautiful B&W image. I love the star formations. I never knew those were formed by exposure. I’ve never done much night photography but it’s a thought for warmer weather.

  4. Bill! This photo really needs to be enlarged to appreciate! Fabulous! I’m not a particular fan of B&W, but have used it occasionally with some success. Glad it is framed on your wall. 😀

    When the weather warms up, I’d like to try some night exposures as well. Great tips.

  5. Welcome Bill! This is magnificent! Love b & w to begin with but this is far beyond just b & w. The composition, the awesome reflections, the star flares on the lights, spectacular job!

  6. What great reflections you captured here Bill. This image is just awesome!!

  7. this is so fine! I’ll just echo everyone above.

  8. Wonderful job on that bridge, Bill. Who knew Pittsburgh could look so good! 🙂 When you take such a long exposure, what would your shutter speed be set for? (just learning) Thanks!

    • On this picture, the Shutter Speed was 30 sec, F/29, ISO 200, 55MM, Aoerture Priority

      • Thanks for the info Bill. Filed for future reference!!

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