Themes – Cold

This will be my first stab at the THEMES, so please give me as much feedback as possible.



  1. Yikes! That is a knockout. Fabulous exposure, the red glows, I’m cold but happy. One thing you might want to do is post smaller images, anything over about 1000 pixels on a side just takes a long time to load when clicked on and really doesn’t get seen. Well done and I’m looking forward to more of your photos.

    • Thanks for the feedback on sizing. I re-loaded this pic to the small setting. How’s it react now when you click on it?

  2. Now that does look freezing cold! I am loving the contrast between that vivid red and the white snow, it just makes the whole image POP! Beautiful!

  3. Wow, Bill, that’s a stunner! The colors are beautiful and everything is so nicely detailed. I’d think to crop just a touch off the left side and maybe half of the snowy foreground in order to bring the covered bridge closer to the bottom third and to emphasize the sky more. I’m with Ellen in looking forward to more from you…

    • Thanks to both of you!! Keep the critique coming…

  4. Bill! This photo really pops! Love the bright red, contrasted with the trees and rock work. The beautiful clouds and snow provide the aspects of being really cold. I would have cropped it or snapped it so the barn was off-center, and perhaps not such a tight zoom. Great job!

    About sizing, I size my photos to be posted at 800 pixels. That appears to work best, gives the viewer a better version that fits the screen (but of course, one can always increase or decrease the size), and does not take so long to download. Increasing the size can be achieved by clicking on the photo, normally. When that does not work, click on the photo then hold down the CTRL key while clicking the plus (+) key. To decrease the size, do the same thing except click the minus (-) key. Ron taught me that tip and I use it constantly. 😀 Thanks Ron!

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